The moment the two of you step into our green tropical garden, you will feel as though you are the only couples in the world. Our honeymoon suites, the Rama and Sita, designed and dedicated to the love story that help created the world …where the then prince Rama and princess Sita in the Ramayana never had it so good like you.


The Ramayana is an all-popular epic in South and Southeast Asia. It is the story of Prince Rama (Preah Ream in Khmer Reamker) who must save his kidnapped wife, Sita (Neang Seda in Khmer Reamker) from the demon King of Lanka.

Once upon a time, in the ancient city of Ayodhya lived a King. His name was Dashratha. He was a great and happy King. The King had four sons. Rama was the first-born and was the king’s favourite son.

King Janak of Mithila, a neighboring Kingdom, had a beautiful daughter called Sita. King Janak was determined that she should marry a good, brave and strong man so he set a test that her future husband would have to pass. The king had a bow, very heavy and almost impossible to lift.
Rama gets married to Sita. In order to win her hand, the contestant had to bend a bow, which belonged to Lord Shiva. Many could not even lift this bow. When Rama arrived he did not only bend this bow but also broke it and so got Sita's hand.
Ravana, evil king of Lanka, kidnaps Sita and takes her to his kingdom. However, with the help from Lakshman, Hanuman, and monkey army, prince Rama won the war and rescued his beloved Sita from demon Ravana.
After Rama and Sita return to Ayodhya, the capital of Kosala the rumors about Sita's adultery in Ravana's captivity continue and therefore the people disrespect her. Rama himself also doesn't believe that Sita has been faithful to him. Therefore, Sita needs to prove her innocence by walking through fire and the flames turn to flowers.
Rama's courage in searching for Sita and fighting a terrible war to rescue his wife is complemented by Sita's absolute devotion to her husband's love. The two were extremely happy together, and returned to live in Rama's palace in Ayodhya. Rama who in a sweet communion lived in Sita's loving heart.